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14 December 2011

Nokia Siemens Venture to Reduce Its Business in Iran

Author: Steve Stecklow, Wall Street Journal

The executive board of network-equipment vendor Nokia Siemens Networks said it has decided not to take on any new business in Iran and will gradually reduce its existing commitments, effective Jan. 1, 2012. In a letter to its staff in Iran, the...

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9 December 2011

Huawei Technologies will "voluntarily restrict its business development" in Iran following reports that police used technology to trace & arrest dissidents

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27 October 2011

Chinese tech giant aids Iran

Author: Trend News Agency

Huawei Technologies…a Chinese telecom giant, filled the vacuum created in Iran's government-controlled mobile-phone industry when Western companies pulled back…in 2009…Huawei recently signed a contract to install equipment for a system at Iran's...

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20 September 2011

UK firm denies 'cyber-spy' deal with Egypt

Author: Stephen Grey, BBC

A UK firm offered to supply "cyber-spy" software used by Egypt to target activists, the BBC has learned...Gamma International UK denies actually supplying the program, which infects computers with a virus that bugs online voice calls and email...The...

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22 August 2011

Torture in Bahrain Aided by Nokia Siemens

Author: Vernon Silver & Ben Elgin, Bloomberg

[scroll down for statement by Nokia Siemens Networks] Bahraini jailers armed with stiff rubber hoses beat the 39-year-old school administrator and human rights activist...[then] Al Khanjar…[was] question[ed] by a[n]…officer armed with…transcripts of...

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18 November 2010

Nokia Siemens lawsuit dropped by Iranian plaintiffs

Author: Cyrus Farivar, Deutsche Welle

Last Wednesday, the attorney for two Iranians who had sued Nokia Siemens Networks in an American federal court withdrew their lawsuit. In the case, the plaintiffs Isa Saharkhiz and Mehdi Saharkhiz had alleged that the sale of Nokia Siemens Networks...

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6 October 2010

Shirin Ebadi: “Nokia Siemens’ action a major accomplishment for Iranians and for people of the world”

Author: Intl. Campaign for Human Rights in Iran

In a press release published last week, Nokia Siemens Networks [NSN - joint venture Nokia & Siemens] referred to a meeting the multi-national company’s representatives had with [Nobel Peace Laureate] Shirin Ebadi, discussing transparency. “[NSN] is...

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28 August 2010

Suing Repression's Service Provider

Author: Kaveh Shahrooz, Frontline Tehran Bureau

[Ali] Herischi and [Edward] Moawad are the two lawyers behind an unusual and potentially devastating lawsuit against Nokia Siemens…[T]he suit has been brought by Mehdi Saharkhiz on behalf of his father, Isa…The elder Saharkhiz, an outspoken reformist...

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17 August 2010

Activist sues Nokia Siemens in US over Iran cell monitoring

Author: AFP

An Iranian activist is suing Nokia Siemens before a US court, accusing the firm and its parent companies of supplying the Iranian government with technology it used to spy on dissidents. Moawad & Herischi, the Maryland firm that filed the suit...

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3 June 2010

Nokia-Siemens rues Iran crackdown role

Author: Valentina Pop, Bloomberg

Nokia-Siemens Networks [joint venture of Nokia and Siemens]…admitted its share of the blame for Iran's brutal crackdown on anti-government demonstrators last year after selling mobile phone surveillance to the authoritarian regime…Iranian authorities...

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