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15 April 2019

Resource rich African countries increasingly changing laws to increase share of revenue from mining activities

Author: Barbara Lewis, Reuters

‘EXPLAINER-How countries are getting tougher with mining companies’ ...

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14 April 2019

Zimbabwe: Chinese mining firms accused of environmental degradation

Author: Andrew Mambondiyani, The Epoch Times

‘Chinese Companies Tear Down Zimbabwe’s Environment’...

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10 February 2019

Myanmar: Protesters call for clarity on status of Myitsone dam project amidst reports of its resurrection

Author: Myanmar Times

"Myitsone's potential resurrection," 08 February 2019...

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20 December 2018

Chinese Responsible Investment Overseas Newsletter Issue 1: Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC)


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6 October 2018

The 3.6 Billion Dollar Lesson: Beyond the Us v. Them Business Model

Author: Jason Tower, American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

The story of the Myitsone is one of very mixed emotions: one of war, loss, destruction and anger, but also one of solidarity, empowerment, and standing up in the face of oppression. It also illustrates a very important, and expensive lesson—a 3.6 billion dollar lesson to be precise —of the failures of traditional, militarized, us vs. them approaches to security.

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26 February 2018

Kenya: The first coal plant in Lamu backed by China triggers concerns over environment and livelihood, project frozen pending the outcome of court

Author: Somini Sengupta, New York Times

…Kenya could soon get its first coal-fired power plant, courtesy of China. The plan’s champions, including senior Kenyan officials, say the plant will help meet the country’s fast-growing demand for electricity and draw investment. Its critics worry...

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18 December 2017

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Air pollution worsens in Tuzla while govt. plans for more coal power, expected to be built by Chinese companies

Author: Ioana Ciuta, Bankwatch (EU)

"Race to the bottom: dire air quality worsens as BiH government mulls new coal plant at Tuzla", 22 November 2017...

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5 October 2017
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Author: Deutsche Welle (Allemagne)

"A qui profite le bauxite guinéenne ?", 5 octobre 2017...

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2 October 2017

The destinies of Russia and China are being decided in the Ulyanovsk woods – a joke?

Author: Igor Yadroshnikov, Bellona (Russia)

[Unofficial translation provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre]...

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14 September 2017
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Author: CEPAL

“La Inversión Extranjera Directa en América Latina y el Caribe” - 2017...

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