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4 January 2016

Companies active in corporate social responsibility also try to avoid paying taxes, says study

Author: Economist (UK)

"Social saints, fiscal fiends", 2 Jan 2016...

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16 November 2015
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Author: 20 Minutes

« Pneumonie: Médecins sans frontières exige une baisse du prix du vaccin », 13 novembre 2015...

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22 September 2015
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 “Standard & Poor's lanza su Índice 500 de Valores Católicos”, 21 de Septiembre de 2015...

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11 May 2015

The new U.S. office politics: funding your boss's political causes

Author: Michelle Conlin & Lucas Iberico Lozada, Reuters (UK)

...[E]mployers are increasingly approaching workers to fundraise, lobby and campaign in ways they never have before, according to a Reuters analysis of FEC filings and data compiled by the Business Industry Political Action Committee... [Since] a 2010...

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9 April 2015

Improving maternal health and access to contraceptives: Pharmaceutical companies’ contribution to MDG 5

Author: Access to Medicine Foundation

Pharmaceutical companies operationalise commitments to MDG 5 with a variety of initiatives. Ten of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies are taking some action to improve access to maternal health and family planning, by making public...

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11 February 2015

Pfizer announces decision to lower price of pneumococcal vaccine but critics call reduction "meager"

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3 February 2015

Pfizer to further reduce Prevenar 13 price in poorest nations

Author: Axonn News Agency

Pfizer has announced that it will be taking new steps to make its Prevenar 13 vaccine accessible to people in poor countries through a new agreement with the Gavi Alliance. The company has committed to a 20 cent reduction of its per-dose price for the...

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27 January 2015

Pfizer Discount for its Pneumococcal Vaccine is Criticized as ‘Meager’

Author: Ed Silverman, Wall Street Journal

File this under ‘just not good enough.’ One week after being slammed over the price that poor countries pay for its pneumococcal vaccine, Pfizer PFE +3.27% announced a 6% reduction. This would bring the cost of its Prevenar 13 vaccine down 20 cents, to...

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19 January 2015

GlaxoSmithKline & Pfizer must lower prices to make vaccines needed by children affordable in poorer countries, says MSF

Author: Sarah Boseley, Guardian (UK)

In a new report on vaccine pricing, MSF says British company GlaxoSmithKline(GSK) and US giant Pfizer should slash the price of the vaccines to $5 (£3.20) per child in developing countries....“We have an irrational situation where some developing coun...

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22 December 2014

Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin - Issue 15, December 2014

Author: Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

Welcome to our redesigned Corporate Legal Accountability Quarterly Bulletin, streamlined to highlight a noteworthy issue each quarter, as well as key developments.  The Corporate Legal Accountability hub on our website provides objective, concise...

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