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21 May 2020

Asia Pacific: Commentary: Modern slavery in Asia Pacific is fuelled by widespread poverty, migration & weak governance

Author: Neena Bhandari, Inter Press Service

"Modern Slavery in Asia Pacific Fuelled by Widespread Poverty, Migration & Weak Governance", 15 May 2020...

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12 January 2020

China: Law professor takes safari park to court for endangering consumers' safety with collecting facial scan data

Author: Hong Kong Free Press

“China facial-recognition case puts Big Brother on trial”, 12 January 2020...

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9 December 2019

EU Agency for Fundamental Rights paper looks at examples of business-related human rights abuse and factors facilitating access to remedy

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24 April 2019

USA: Supreme Court will decide whether U.S law should prohibit workplace discrimination on sexual orientation or gender identity

Author: Lawrence Hurley and Will Dunham, Devdiscourse News (USA)

"U.S. Supreme Court to decide if LGBT workers protected under sex discrimination law", 22 Apr 2019...

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19 December 2017

Kenya: Govt. officials order closure of hotel's swimming pool due to health & safety concerns after 2 die while swimming

Author: Peter Mburu, Daily Nation (Kenya)

"Nakuru officials want resort closed after graduate drowns"...

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11 December 2017

KiK releases stand-alone human rights policy

Author: KiK

KiK Textilien & Non-Food GmbH, referred as ‘KiK’ in this document is committed to respecting Human Rights wherever we operate. This statement references and supplements the KiK Code of Conduct which represents the applicable principle for all our...

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1 July 2016
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Author: El Tiempo

“Andesco premió a las empresas con mejor responsabilidad social”...

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