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12 November 2018

Google & Facebook end forced arbitration in sexual harassment & assault cases after 20,000 Google employees walk out

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12 November 2018

Report highlights implications of growing use of artificial intelligence in legal practice for companies & lawyers

Author: Samantha Thorne, Diplomatic Courier

"Report: AI in the Law", 8 Nov 2018...

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5 November 2018

NYT: Consulting firms played "critical roles" in Saudi Crown Prince's power grab

Author: Michael Forsythe, Mark Mazzetti, Ben Hubbard and Walt Bogdanich, The New York Times

"Consulting Firms Keep Lucrative Saudi Alliance, Shaping Crown Prince’s Vision", 4 November 2018...

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2 November 2018

Apple, Facebook and Google among 56 businesses telling the Trump administration not to weaken transgender rights

Author: Tony Romm, The Washington Post

"Apple, Facebook and Google among 56 businesses telling Trump not to weaken transgender rights", 1 November 2018...

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Company response
26 October 2018

Microsoft response: technology and the US military

Author: Brad Smith, Microsoft

Over the last few months there has been a debate in our industry about when and how technology companies should work with the government, and specifically whether companies should supply digital technology to the military... Our work as a company in...

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22 October 2018

Saudi govt. deployed "Twitter troll army" to silence critics and allegedly used McKinsey analysis to target dissidents

In October 2018, The New York Times reported on online attackers hired by the Saudi government to silence critics via social media. Jamal Khashoggi, a journalist who was murdered by Saudi agents, was himself targeted by Saudi Arabia's "army of Twitter...

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14 October 2018

Indonesia: IMF report says women workers likely to be replaced by automation within next two decades

Author: Sarah Yuniarni, Jakarta Globe

"Female Jobs More Likely to Be Displaced by Technology, IMF Report Says", 10 October 2018...

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Company non-response
8 October 2018

United Technologies did not respond

Busines & Human Rights Resource Centre invited United Technologies to respond to the allegations raised by War on Want. United Technologies did not respond.

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26 September 2018

3 US workers file lawsuit against India's largest IT outsourcing co. alleging discrimination based on race & national origin

Author: Jochelle Mendonca, Economic Times

"3 US citizens sue TCS for alleged employment discrimination", 25 Sep 2018...

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21 September 2018

Commentary: Blockchain cannot guarantee fairer mineral sourcing practices without robust supply chain due diligence

Author: Carly Oboth, Global Witness

"What does blockchain mean for the future of responsible mineral sourcing?" 21 September 2018...

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