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7 June 2018

Kenya: Court orders Intercontinental Hotel to compensate woman for discriminatory treatment

Author: Maureen Kaka, Nairobi News (Kenya)

"Woman mistaken for a prostitute at Intercontinetal hotel awarded 3 million shillings"...

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6 June 2018
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Author: Xacata (México)

“Los trabajadores de Las Vegas se preparan para la huelga contra la robotización del empleo”, 5 de junio de 2018...

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15 May 2018

Tanzania: Report says safari businesses complicit in intimidation, violent eviction & intimidation of indigenous Maasai; companies comments included

A new report by the Oakland Institute claims some safari businesses operating in Tanzania are complicity in human rights abuses against the Maasai indigenous community. These include intimidation, arrests, beatings and starvation. Thomson Safari denies...

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6 March 2018

Airbnb partners with anti-trafficking NGO to prevent sexual exploitation in its properties

Author: Kieran Guilbert, Global News (Canada)

"Airbnb vows to crack down on sex traffickers using its properties as brothels," 18 February 2018...

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26 February 2018

USA: Companies increasingly sever ties with gun lobby after school shooting

Author: Dominic Rushe, The Guardian (UK)

"NRA under mounting pressure as companies cut ties with gun lobby", 23 Feb 2018...

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12 February 2018

Respecting human rights in the on-demand economy: Closing the new governance gap

Author: Faris Natour

"Respecting Human Rights in the On-Demand Economy: Closing the New Governance Gap," 11 April 2016...

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29 January 2018

New report by Oxfam finds economic inequality & poor working conditions among female workers

Author: Oxfam

“Reward work, not wealth”...

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16 January 2018

Cambodia: Six companies, including banks and casinos, sign pledge to fight slavery in Asia

Author: Reuters

"Big Brands From Banks to Casinos Unite to Fight Slavery in Asia," 16 January 2018...

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12 January 2018
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Author: G1 Globo (Brazil)

"Escravos sem correntes: trabalhadores resgatados relatam ameaças, moradias insalubres e água dividida com animais-G1 analisou 33.475 páginas de 315 relatórios de fiscalização dos anos de 2016 e 2017. Depoimentos mostram condições degradantes às quais...

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7 January 2018

India: Northeast migrant workers flee Bengaluru plantations after home ministry asks business to identify undocumented immigrants, mainly from Bangladesh

Author: Times of India

"Northeast migrant workers flee Bengaluru plantations," 10 December 2017...

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