Security for oil & gas projects can’t ignore human rights

Author: Christine Bader (Institute for the Study of Human Rights, Columbia University), Al Jazeera Opinion, Published on: 25 January 2013

Security measures focused solely on 'lock and key' principles won't prevent further crises...The Voluntary Principles [on Security and Human Rights] spell out how companies should conduct risk assessments and interact with both public and private security personnel...A community-based approach [to security of oil and gas projects] wouldn’t work everywhere...[a]nd the Voluntary Principles are not a panacea...[b]ut they do establish ground rules for how companies and security forces should conduct themselves; any steps taken to increase staff security should be taken with the Voluntary Principles in mind...There must be solid defense mechanisms to protect employees against incidents like the tragedy in Algeria. But relying solely on a ‘lock and key’ approach will only bring about more violence.

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