SEDEX releases report on the impacts of COVID-19 on international supply chains, finding garment and construction industries to be worst hit by economic fall-out

Author: SEDEX, Published on: 3 June 2020

“Sedex Insights Report. COVID-19 Impacts on Businesses”, 29 May 2020

The report is based on research from over 3,300 buyer and supplier members across 118 countries. It reveals that the garment, footwear and construction sectors have taken the biggest economic hit during the pandemic…

Topline findings

  • 67% of businesses expect decreases in revenue … with 34% … stating this will be significant or critical
  • 99% of respondents are taking actions to protect the health and safety of their workforce…
  • The most common challenge cited by businesses is supply chain disruption and inability to source input or raw materials
  • The garment and footwear and construction sectors report the hardest economic hit

SEDEX is recommending a number of actions … including reviewing purchasing practices and demands on suppliers, especially in the garment and footwear sector, and … sectorial collaborations - including buyers, suppliers and governments - to manage the crisis and protect workers.


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