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Senior Policy Advisor on Tax and Extractive Industries at Oxfam America

Purpose of the position:

The extractive industries generate billions of dollars for resource-dependent countries every year. Too often, though, governments sign deals that do not give them a “fair deal” regarding their resources and often offer unnecessary tax subsidies to attract investment in the sector. In addition, many governments do a poor job of collecting taxes owed by extractive companies. Finally, some extractive companies engage in a variety of practices –use of tax havens and secrecy jurisdictions, transfer mispricing, profit shifting, etc. – to reduce their tax burdens. Consequently, resource-dependent governments are losing billions of dollars that should be captured and spent on priority social services. At the same time, issues of “tax justice” are rising on the international agenda and various initiatives by the OECD, G20, the UN, the African Union and other organizations are seeking to limit the ability of corporations to avoid paying their fair share of taxes and to reduce the billions of dollars in “illicit financial flows” pouring from poor to rich countries every year. 

The Senior Policy Advisor will contribute to Oxfam America’s Extractive Industries Global Program and support implementation of the Oxfam strategic plans, particularly the first pillar of the Oxfam America’s strategic plan on “Fuelling the Development Investment System”. S/he will provide policy analysis, research and advocacy to support Oxfam America’s larger on agenda on tax justice, with particular emphasis as these issues relate to the extractive industries. S/he will work with the Senior Policy Manager – Extractive Industries to provide policy analysis, research, strategic advice in support of the Extractive Industries and “Fuelling” campaigns as well as to design and lead implementation of advocacy strategies, especially in relation to the extractive industries and taxation agenda. S/he will work closely with country and regional programs to support in-country policy analysis, research and campaign efforts. S/he will identify ways to improve the collection and administration of extractive industries taxes; develop strategies to combat corporate strategies to avoid taxes; and identify advocacy opportunities in the US, with International Financial Institutions, extractive industries corporations, and international processes to promote a tax justice agenda. 

Primary responsibilities:

Strategy development and implementation:

  • Help develop and implement strategic plans for policy development, research and advocacy on taxation issues, with an emphasis on extractive industries.
  • Monitor and analyze domestic and international policy and practice related to extractive industries taxation
  • Provide policy research analysis on emerging issues in taxation and extractive industries taxation and manage research projects to inform Oxfam, partners and interested parties
  • Develop and present potential advocacy opportunities to Oxfam country programs and partners as they develop country strategies
  • Participate in annual Extractive Industries and “Fuelling” program planning as well as agency strategic planning
  • Contribute to Oxfam International advocacy strategies related to extractive industries, tax justice and inequality

Advocacy and external affairs:

  • Act as an Oxfam America spokesperson and advocate on extractive industries / taxation issues before the Congress, Executive Branch, Government Agencies, international financial institutions, extractive industry companies and the media.
  • Identify advocacy opportunities to advance the extractive industries and tax justice agendas.
  • Develop and maintain key relationships with international financial institutions, corporations and governmental targets relevant to the issues prioritized.  In close coordination with the Private Sector Department, help develop and maintain key corporate and investor relationships
  • Participate in advocacy meetings with target actors.
  • Develop and maintain key relationships with NGO allies and NGO networks; represent Oxfam America in NGO coalitions and events; play a lead role in NGO coalitions and working groups as appropriate to Oxfam’s expertise and program experience.
  • Develop and write policy papers, advocacy issue briefs, and commission research reports on taxation and extractive industry issues in collaboration with relevant Oxfam staff. 
  • Develop “case studies” on extractive industry taxation issues for use in broader tax justice campaigns
  • Collaborate with media and campaign staff to support the development of press and campaigning strategies that support policy change strategies related to taxation and extractive industries.
  • Organize briefings and advocacy events, and represent Oxfam America in these and other public forums as necessary.
  • Organize and coordinate international partner visits to Washington to support advocacy strategies.

Coordination internally with Oxfam America and Oxfam International, including regional and country offices and programs:

  • Share information on relevant IFI, corporate and government policy positions, processes and opportunities for influence with Oxfam country and regional offices and Oxfam International.
  • Provide policy and advocacy perspectives to Oxfam workshops and meetings relevant to extractive industries taxation issues.
  • Provide technical assistance to Oxfam country programs and partners
  • Support the development of country-level strategies to improve extractive industry taxation and reduce lost revenue.
  • Develop and maintain strong collaborative working relationships with relevant Oxfam regional and country offices to take maximum advantage of advocacy opportunities as well as to support regional and country advocacy through policy analysis and help with local strategy development.
  • Participate in relevant Oxfam America and Oxfam International team meetings and retreats.

Expectations for the position:

  • The incumbent will be a capable and visible spokesperson and advocate for Oxfam’s extractive industries and taxation activities and will be the organizational expert on tax issues.
  • Incumbent will be able to effectively engage in dialogue and public debate with tax experts from extractive industries companies, governmental agencies, academia and international financial institutions.
  • S/he will be available to represent Oxfam at public events.
  • S/he will develop positive working relationships with Oxfam’s allies and partners around Oxfam’s goals and priorities.
  • The incumbent will stay abreast of professional standards, trends and issues affecting this set of responsibilities, demonstrating continuous learning of the field.
  • S/he will work effectively and collaboratively in support of building a team-based culture of work, will perform all duties appropriately for a multilateral and multi-cultural environment, treating all persons with dignity and respect, and will be familiar with Oxfam America’s mission and goals.
  • The incumbent will be available to travel internationally up to 15% of the time.




  • Minimum – Advanced degree in political science, economics, accounting, law or related fields.

Experience and Core Competencies:

  • Seven or more years work experience in international development and/or policy advocacy, human rights, tax/accounting fields.
  • Knowledge of and/or experience dealing with extractive industries, including fiscal regimes and contractual arrangements between companies and host governments.
  • Knowledge of and experience working on fiscal governance and taxation issues.
  • Knowledge of and experience working with international financial institutions.
  • High level policy analysis skills.
  • Strong communication, analytical, research and professional writing skills; writing must be easily adaptable to a variety of audiences.
  • Good public presentation skills and the ability to communicate to a variety of audiences.
  • Demonstrated leadership ability.
  • Flexibility, creativity, strategic thinker.
  • Work effectively in a fast-paced and complex work environment.
  • Demonstrated advocacy and network building skills.
  • Diplomatic and tactful in dealing with a variety of actors and influence targets.
  • Ability to communicate cross-culturally.


  • Experience with/academic training in corporate taxation, tax law, accounting and auditing, especially related to extractive industries.
  • Proficiency in at least one foreign language such as Spanish or French.
  • Experience living and working overseas, preferably in developing countries.

Department: Policy and Research

Location: Washington DC