Sevda, the First Who Took Roma’s Fight Against Racism To Court [Bulgaria]

Author: Tatyana Vaksberg, Balkan Investigative Reporting Initiative, Published on: 17 July 2007

[T]he shopkeeper…was shouting and yelling because she didn’t want any Roma in her shop…The owners of Vali Ltd, the company running the shop, ha[ve] became the first persons to be convicted under the newly adopted Protection from Discrimination Act. If the higher court confirms the original ruling, as expected, it will become final...[The] lawyer [for the Equal Opportunities Initiative], Daniela Mihaylova, has a long list of companies that have been already convicted of discrimination against individuals. A Kentucky Fried Chicken [part of Yum!] outlet…was found guilty by a first instance court for refusing to deliver an order to Sofia’s Roma quarter. That case, too, is now awaiting a final ruling. A major food company Lyubimka, which produces pastries, was also sentenced to pay 600 leva in compensation for discriminative employment practices. Similar cases are ongoing against two other companies in the food industry, Kenar and Detelina.

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