Sex trafficking widespread in East Africa, US says

Author: Kevin J. Kelley, The EastAfrican , Published on: 2 July 2013

Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Burundi are included in a group of "watch-list" countries that could eventually face US sanctions for failure to combat human trafficking, the State Department said in a report...Uganda is..."a source and destination country for...forced labour and sex trafficking,"...Boys too are forced into the sex trade in Tanzania and are made to labour against their will on farms, in mines and "possibly on small fishing boats,"...Many children in Kenya are exploited in prostitution for the sex tourism industry on the coast as well as in eastern miraa cultivation areas and in Nyanza's gold mines..."Licensed Kampala-based security companies and employment agencies continued to recruit Ugandans to the Middle East...Some workers recruited by these companies reported conditions indicative of forced labour...including passport withholding, nonpayment of wages and lack of food. In addition, Ugandan women are exploited into forced prostitution in Malaysia after being recruited for work as hair dressers, nannies, and hotel staff."

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