Shale gas, water and human rights in Argentina

Author: Jim Wright, Published on: 11 October 2013

In Argentina specific risks relate to the ongoing need for large quantities of water during the fracking process and include competition for safe and clean drinking water in the arid west and both contamination and supply of water to wetlands..In addition to ongoing problems arising from contamination arising from oil and gas activities, access to safe and clean drinking water will be a significant and ongoing source of conflict between oil companies and local people in the western Basins...This issue can soon become a major area of confrontation in the arid Neuquén, San Jorge and Austral-Megallanes Basins given the low level of municipal water supply and the extremely large quantities of water used by the fracking process. [refers to Chevron, YPF, Apache, EOG, ExxonMobil, Total]

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