Shiva Foundation launches toolkit for combating modern slavery in the hospitality sector

Author: Considerate Hoteliers, Published on: 13 September 2018

"Shiva Foundation launches online toolkit for the hotel industry", 12 September 2018

... [T]he Shiva Foundation is launching the Stop Slavery Blueprint and free online toolkit for the hotel industry. The toolkit, which includes guidance, templates and training, provides practical measures to address some of the main risk areas regarding modern slavery in the industry. This toolkit is launched following wide-ranging insights from across the sector. The Blueprint is being unveiled today at the London event: ‘Business and Modern Slavery: Turning Principles into Practice.’ The event brings together key representatives from business and civil society and will showcase practical tools to address some of the main risk areas regarding modern slavery in the hotel sector, including facilities, employment practices and supply chains... Hotel and hospitality organisations are particularly at risk because of high turnover of staff and goods, which usually results in complex, multi-layered processes, and the outsourcing of recruitment to third party agencies. All of this means transparency is often limited... Shiva Foundation is... encouraging hotels and hospitality organisations to adopt practical guidelines on transparency and reporting and to work with the industry, victim service providers and law enforcement to strengthen the response to modern slavery.

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