Shorts worker awarded £11,500 after 'chilling' sectarian abuse [UK]

Author: BBC News, Published on: 9 February 2012

A Catholic worker employed by Shorts/Bombardier has been awarded £11,500 after he suffered serious sectarian harassment at the hands of a work mate...He suffered mental health problems as a result of the harassment...The judge found that attempt by Shorts management to adopt a "hands off" approach by referring the matter to the police did not release them from liability...The judge also found that after the abuse was reported in 2007, Shorts failed to implement its own policies on bullying...In a statement, Shorts Bombardier said it was "understandably very disappointed with not only the court's findings, but also the judge's comments, in the context of the evidence given by both sides in the case." The company's solicitors have lodged an appeal..."Our company does not tolerate harassment of any kind in the workplace and applies robust equal opportunity policies in order to maintain a neutral working environment for all its employees,"

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