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1 February 2006

[PDF] Diamond Industry Annual Review: Sierra Leone 2006

Author: Partnership Africa Canada

Sierra Leone government officials...admit that there is still rampant illegal mining and smuggling...[T]he diamond industry in Sierra Leone is extraordinarily difficult to manage and control. Indeed it was these very factors that made the country so...

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1 February 2005

Sierra Leone: Report says govt. is taking steps to implement Kimberley Process, but diamonds contributing little to poverty reduction

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1 February 2005

[PDF] Diamond Industry Annual Review - Sierra Leone 2005

Author: Diamonds and Human Security Project, Partnership Africa-Canada & Network Movement for Justice and Development [Sierra Leone]

...Sierra Leone government officials...have applied KP [Kimberley Process] standards in many areas with appropriate diligence...NGOs and Civil Society organizations...accused KH [Koidu Diamond Holdings (joint venture Energem Resources, Magma Diamond...

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