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6 December 2017

Emerald Energy, oil subsidiary of Sinochem, faces local community challenges in Colombia

Author: Ma Tianjie, chinadialogue

 'Oil, monkeys, guerrillas: Chinese companies face problems in the Amazon', 30 November 2017...

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18 October 2017

Colombia: Tensions over land and natural resources may threaten peace, according to NGOs analysing challenges of increased foreign investment

Author: Dialogo Chino

“Social opposition to extractive industries hits all-time high in Colombia” – 12 October 2017...

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24 June 2017
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31 October 2016
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31 de octubre de 2016...

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21 August 2015
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Author: AFP et Le Monde (France)

« Explosions à Tianjin : les « confessions » des propriétaires de l'entrepôt », 20 août 2015...

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19 April 2015

Report illustrates Chinese investments’ environmental & social impact in Latin America with cases of best practices & challenges

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29 March 2015

[PDF] Chinese companies reporting in EITI implementing countries

Author: EITI International Secretariat

Chinese companies operating in the 48 EITI implementing countries are…required to disclose information in accordance with the EITI Standard. This includes information about how much they pay to the governments…it also includes oil and mining production...

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18 March 2012

Emerald Energy Exploits Colombian Andes

Author: Elias Cabrera, CorpWatch

…In…Huila…the platforms of…oil wells belonging to Emerald Energy PLC…[are] “destroying the land and water”…This territory is vital to the region’s food security…In 2009, the company was purchased by the Chinese…Sinochem Corporation…In public meetings...

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9 August 2011

Investment firms push oil companies on Syria

Author: Barry B. Burr, Pensions & Investment

A group of social investment firms plans an e-mail campaign to urge 11 oil companies to either stop operations in Syria or communicate their condemnation of the violent crackdown on protesters to the government…The investors plan to send e-mails to...

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15 October 2010

Gas relief for Peru’s government

Author: Naomi Mapstone, Financial Times

Of the 100 oil and gas contracts Peru has now signed with foreign investors, 89 are for exploration. And most are in the Amazon. More than 70 per cent of Peru’s Amazon is already covered by oil and gas exploration concessions, and companies such as...

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