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Responding department: Human Rights Department/Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic

Has your government taken any initiatives to reduce companies’ negative impacts on human rights that you consider particularly successful?

No specific initiatives have been taken so far in this regard. However, the Government’s general approach is focused on respect and protection of all human rights, including adopting of measures aimed at eliminating possible negative impacts on human rights.

What department or departments have significant responsibility for business and human rights within your government?

There is no department/departments with significant responsibility for business and human rights as this is a very broad topic which involves inter-ministerial cooperation. Business and human rights issues are among responsibilities of Department for International and European Affairs.

Has your government undertaken new business & human rights initiatives or strengthened existing ones since the endorsement of the UN Guiding Principles in June 2011?


Has your government adopted a National Action Plan on business and human rights as encouraged by the UN Human Rights Council and UN Working Group on business & human rights, or will it do so in the future?

The NAP for Business and Human Rights has not been adopted yet. The issue is currently under consideration.

Access to remedy: What steps have been taken to develop new judicial or administrative remedies or to reduce barriers to existing remedies for victims?

Access to both, judicial and non-judicial remedies is guaranteed by national legal and institutional framework (Ombudsperson, NHRI etc.) without discrimination on any ground.

Access to remedy: What steps have been taken to develop new non-judicial remedies, improve existing mechanisms, and reduce barriers for victims?

See response to previous question.

Which factors impede your government’s ability to take action on business and human rights?

Significant factors are:

  • Challenges of coordinating across government departments

Minor factors are:

  • Lack of resources for enforcement, monitoring and prosecution
  • Opposition by economic interest groups or business associations
  • Concern about deterring foreign investment
  • Lack of understanding or awareness of business & human rights in government

What, if any, form of support would your government welcome the most to help advance its actions to improve companies’ impacts on human rights?

Exchange of information, Awareness-raising