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3 November 2016

Renewable energy & human rights: Outreach to 50 companies

Company Response Platform | Briefing | Press Release Also see case studies & our previous outreach

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Company non-response
11 December 2013

SN Power did not respond to: Study analyses 5 electricity firms' sustainable electricity provision in global South, impacts on communities, workers & local economy.

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11 December 2013

[PDF] Quality Kilowatts? A Normative-Empirical Analysis of Corporate Responsibility for Sustainable Electricity Provision in the Global South

Author: Joseph Wilde-Ramsing, University of Twente (Netherlands), Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO)

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited AES, Datang, Endesa, Eskom, SN Power to respond. Endesa responses provided. AES and SN Power did not respond. We will indicate here whether Datang and Eskom respond]. There has been an increase in...

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10 November 2011

[PDF] Roundtable Report - Roundtable for ASEAN Business Leaders: Implementing Corporate Respect for Human Rights

Author: ASEAN Foundation, BCSR Malaysia, Global Business Initiative on Human Rights, UN Global Compact

The objectives of the roundtable included introducing the latest international policy developments (in particular the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights); demystifying the agenda by clarifying the link between human rights and business;...

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24 January 2011

[video] LEUFU [Chile]

Author: Native Spirit Foundation

In the Cordillera of the Andes...Mapuche communities are standing up to defend their river - a source of life and spirituality – from yet another crime against nature. Norwegian company SN Power plans to build a hydroelectric power station, taking the...

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22 November 2010
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Author: José Luis Vargas, Observatorio Ciudadano

Este...[fin de semana], diversas comunidades mapuche huilliche de la cuenca del lago Maihue se darán cita en la localidad de Llifen..., territorio afectado por la posible instalación del proyecto hidroeléctrico Maqueo de la empresa Trayenko (filial de...

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10 June 2009

Down to the Wire

Author: SOMO

Case studies in Argentina and Peru. This report addresses the impact of electricity provision by Endesa, SN Power and AES on sustainable development in Latin America.

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22 October 2007

Protests against Norwegian Hydroelectric Power [Chile]

Author: Erik Hagen, Norwatch

The Norwegian hydroelectric power giant SN Power…has already started constructing one plant [in Chile] and has another four projects on the drawing pad...Chile’s indigenous population, the Mapuche Indians, have attempted to stop three of the company’s...

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