So. Africa: Alternative Mining Indaba representative tells mining executives at the Africa Mining Indaba to "go beyond philanthropy" and empower communities

Author: All Africa Global Media, Published on: 12 February 2018

"Africa: Mine Bosses Told: Change Your Attitudes", 6 Feb 2018

 A leading non-government organisation today told mining bosses at the African Mining Indaba to change their attitudes and shift their mind-sets and defensiveness. Speaking at a session on the second day of the African Mining Indaba, Executive Director of the Bench Marks Foundation John Capel said good neighbourliness for mines begins with the recognition that there are losers, and that the losers are the communities whose social, economic and cultural life has been destroyed...Capel told the main indaba on its sustainability day that mining corporations needed to go beyond mere philanthropy to address the real challenges.

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