So. Africa: Anglo American So. Africa & AngloGold Ashanti settle ex-gold miners’ silicosis lawsuit


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4 September 2019

So. Africa: Gold mining companies issue notice on compensation of miners exposed to dangerous dust since 1965

Author: Pindula News, (Zimbabwe)

‘SA Gold Mines Announce Compensation For Mineworkers Employed From 1965 Onward’ 1 September 2019

South African gold mines have issued a notice calling on gold mineworkers, former mineworkers, or their dependants to consider their eligibility to claim for compensation for exposure to dangerous dust during the mineworker’s employment.The call follows a high court judgement in the Bongani Nkala and 67 others class-action suit which approved a settlement. The notice issued today says “eligible claimants will be entitled to receive a once-off payment of between R10 000 and R250 000 depending on the nature and seriousness of the disease.”

Many former mineworkers in Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and other countries in the region may be eligible for the compensation. South African gold mines pulled migrant workers in Africa looking for better-paying jobs life as their home countries offered few opportunities for African men.

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4 March 2016

Anglo American and AngloGold settle silicosis case worth almost R500m

Author: Allan Seccombe, BD Live (So. Africa)

Anglo American SA and AngloGold Ashanti have reached an agreement to compensate nearly 4,400 silicosis claims brought against the companies for a total R464m, which will be put into an independent trust to distribute compensation.

The lawyers representing 4,365 claimants had sued the South African arm of Anglo American and former subsidiary AngloGold for dust-related lung illnesses, including silicosis and silico-tuberculosis, contracted while working on the companies' mines. The claims were first lodged in 2012...

"AngloGold Ashanti believes that agreeing settlement terms is in the best interests of the claimants, their families, and the company," AngloGold Ashanti CEO Srinivasan Venkatakrishnan said...

Without an admission of liability, both companies said they would fund up to R464m that would be paid into the independent trust to be called Q(h)ukeka, within two weeks of the trust's bank account being set up...

The claimants come from the Eastern Cape, Lesotho and the Free State, and have an average age of 61...

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4 March 2016

Anglo American South Africa, AngloGold Agree on Silicosis Deal

Author: Kevin Crowley, Bloomberg Business (USA)

Anglo American Plc's South African unit and AngloGold Ashanti Ltd. have agreed to settle some lung-disease claims for more than 500 million rand ($32 million).  

The settlement comes after 4,365 former employees sued the mining companies, saying they contracted dust-related lung diseases such as silicosis and tuberculosis while working in unsafe conditions, Leigh Day, a U.K.-based law firm, said in an e-mailed statement. The settlement is separate from a class-action lawsuit currently being evaluated at Johannesburg's High Court...

American South Africa and AngloGold reached the settlement without admission of liability...

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4 March 2016

Anglo, AngloGold in R464m out of court silicosis deal

Author: David McKay, Miningmx

Anglo American South Africa (AASA) and AngloGold Ashanti have agreed to pay at least R464m in compensation to miners who allegedly contracted silicosis, a lung disease, whilst working on the mines of the companies.

In terms of the out of court agreement, the monies will be paid into an independent trust which will determine the eligibility of the miner’s claims. The agreement falls in the wake of some 4,400 stand-alone claims of which 1,200 brought against AngloGold. The matter was to be heard in court in April.

Mbuyisa Neale attorneys, a Johannesburg company that brought the claims said in a statement that the total amount payable was R500m. Anglo American and AngloGold would also fund the costs of the Trust and the medical evaluations…

Zanele Mbuyisa of Mbuyisa Neale said that continuing with the litigation, rather than settling “… would have meant a further substantial delay in receipt of compensation, which the claimants and their families cannot afford.”…

“We have sympathy for all miners who have contracted silicosis and believe that the agreement to settle this litigation is in the best interests of the plaintiffs, their families, AASA and its wider stakeholders,” said Andile Sangqu, executive head of AASA…

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4 March 2016

South Africa: Mining companies must provide decent compensation for all silicosis sufferers

Author: Action for Southern Africa (ACTSA)

The announcement that Anglo Gold Ashanti and Anglo American South Africa will pay compensation to those of the 4,365 ex-miners taking legal action against them who it is shown have silicosis is, on the face of it, welcome.  But it also raises the question what of the other ex-miners and miners who have silicosis?...

What is required is a comprehensive settlement which provides decent health care and compensation to all former miners and any current miners who are suffering from silicosis…

The scandal and disgrace is compounded by the mining sector’s refusal to accept responsibility, to deny liability and to pay large legal bills fighting legal actions rather than provide health care and compensation for silicosis sufferers.

The announcement that Anglo Gold Ashanti and Anglo American South Africa  have reached a settlement in cases that were due to go to binding arbitration should and must lead to a comprehensive settlement for all those suffering from silicosis…

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4 March 2016

Victory at last for South African gold miners as Anglo American and AngloGold agree landmark silicosis compensation scheme

Author: Leigh Day

Former gold miners and relatives of deceased ex-miners have today reached a landmark settlement of their long-running legal battle against Anglo American South Africa Ltd and AngloGold Ashanti Ltd.

The 4,365 Claimants sued the mining companies for dust-related lung diseases, silicosis and silico-tuberculosis, which they claim were contracted from working in unsafe conditions in the mines.

The claims were instituted from 2012 and are completely separate from the silicosis class action proceedings that are currently awaiting a decision on certification from the Johannesburg High Court…

The overall value of the settlement is estimated to be more than R500 million (£23 million). A total of R464 million (£21 million) will be paid into the Q(h)ubeka Trust for distribution, while a further amount will be paid to assist the Trust to enable payment of ODMWA compensation to Claimants who qualify for it.

In addition, Anglo American and AngloGold will fund the costs of the Trust and the medical evaluations…

Richard Meeran from Leigh Day said:

“This settlement is a triumph for justice and accountability. It will bring much needed financial relief to the victims and their families. This settlement scheme provides a model and, we hope, the necessary impetus for an industry-wide settlement for all gold mining silicosis victims.”…

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