So. Africa: Report by medical charity MSF reveals "shocking" levels of sexual violence against women in Marikana mining area

Author: BBC (United Kingdom), Published on: 20 August 2016

"South Africa rape: 'Shocking' levels of violence in mining area", 16 Aug 2016

One in four women living in a key platinum mining area in South Africa has been raped in her lifetime, a survey by medical charity MSF has said. About half of women in Rustenburg had been subject to sexual violence or intimate partner violence, it said...Despite lying at the centre of South Africa's platinum belt, Rustenburg is home to many poor communities...The area attracts both men hoping to work in the mines and women from across South Africa and abroad who hope to benefit from the local mining economy. MSF said unemployment was particularly high for migrant women "creating conditions that promote dependency on men who are more readily employed by mines in the area"...The survey was published on the fourth anniversary of the shooting by police of striking workers at the Marikana mine [owned by Lonmin] in the Rustenburg municipality.

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