So. America: Unions concerned over alleged death threats against Prosegur union members & unsafe working conditions

UNI Global Union has campaigned for many months for workers of the Spanish security company Prosegur.  UNI alleges death threats against union members, intimidation and health & safety breaches in in Chile, Colombia and Peru. Business & Human Rights Resource Centre invited Prosegur to respond; Prosegur did not respond.

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Company non-response
14 October 2015

Prosegur did not respond

Author: Prosegur

11 September 2015

“Recent Developments at Prosegur in South America”

Author: UNI Global Union

Continued threats against union members, unsafe working conditions and an apparent disregard for worker safety and health prevail at Prosegur’s South America operations.  As we have previously written to investors, trade union members at Prosegur’s operations in South America have been subject to anonymous threats on their lives…Sadly, another serious incident has just occurred: In early September, the wife of Angel Ovidio Quiroz, Prosegur union leader in Medellín, Colombia, received an anonymous phone call…UNI Global Union has profound concerns about the effectiveness of health and safety procedures at Prosegur after a number of disturbing incidents involving the company’s operations in South America. These include a series of attacks on the company’s cash in transit…vehicles and the shooting death of a Chilean guard in an armed robbery…In addition to the above concerns about lax safety procedures, the recent death of a [woman] worker in Peru raises questions about Prosegur’s general regard for worker safety and well-being: On 24 August, 26-year-old Ibeth Zamalloa Angelino…fell into a coma while at work. Colleagues found her unconscious on a bathroom floor…Prosegur managers never called an ambulance, nor did they make available a vehicle to take Ms. Zamalloa to the hospital…[and she died]

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