Soco Intl. paid Congolese army major whose troops allegedly tortured opponents of drilling in Virunga national park, says Global Witness - Soco denies ties to violence

Author: Martin Fletcher, Telegraph (UK), Published on:

Lake Edward - credit: Duncan Wright via CC BY-SA 3.0"British oil firm paid Congo army chief to silence opponents, says watchdog", 10 June 2015

Global Witness...has found proof that a British company...paid thousands of dollars to a Congolese military officer whose soldiers have been accused of bribing, intimidating and even killing the company’s opponents... Global Witness has obtained cheques and receipts for $42,250 (£27,475) that the company, Soco, paid the officer, Major Burimba Feruzi, over a fortnight in the spring of 2014. Opponents of drilling in Virunga national park, a Unesco World Heritage site in the Democratic Republic of Congo, were being violently silenced at that time... Soco acknowledged paying the Congolese military to provide security...but insisted: “We strongly refute any suggestions that this funding was...improper or connected with alleged...intimidation of violence...”

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