Somalia: Businesses fuelling insecurity by funding terrorism & promoting ethnic discrimination, claims columnist

Author: Osman Aidarus, MENAFN (Jordan), Published on: 30 March 2020

"Chaos Profiteers: How Somalia's Business People are it's Main Nemesis?"

Historically throughout all the times; business people were known to exploit and show antics of opportunism during the trying and tough times a certain society is going through; whether it's during a war, drought, inflation or political instability. Throughout history's all epochs, acquaintance tells us that the business class have always thought about satiating their own greed and that showing mercy to the public and renouncing some of their self-interests was never part of their calculations....Taking a deep look into the Somali reality, one will easily realise that businesspeople from the grassroots of every ongoing dilemma and that in some way or another are embroiled in most if not all of the ill-doings. In this piece, the light will be shed on the major aspects in which the Somali business people are incessantly entangled in the country's anarchy.

...Somali tradesmen have a long history of funding terrorists, by paying them enormous amounts of money under the name of 'TAXES'. According to a VOA article, only in the year of 2017 which is deemed to be their best year in revenue collecting, Al-Shabab; the horn's fiercest terrorist group managed to collect about $27 million. All the business entities contribute in filling Al-Shabab's bank accounts with tons of money which they later use to buy weapons and explosives, to massacre and wipe out the public.....Business owners in Somalia not only promote the venom of tribalism, but they operate with the mindset of a tribalist. Almost every business person in Somalia hires those of his own kinship, regardless of the skills or how qualified he/she is. The 'unconditioned hiring' of the unskilled people from the same clan forms an obstacle to the jobless but educated faction of the community whose applications will be rejected for the mere fact that they hail from a different clan. This directly aggravates the country's bad history of nepotism...If they steer their businesses properly, pave the way for a healthy market contest, relinquish paying the terrorists and give up bribery; the Somali businessmen might act as saviours of this war-torn nation.

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