SOMINA response

Author: SOMINA, Published on: 17 June 2015

[Unofficial translation of title and text from original Chinese provided by Business & Human Rights Resource Centre.]

We regret to read the reporting on the negative effects of SOMINA’s mining activities on the environment and the social development and believe that many accusations are groundless and one-sided, failing to reflect the real picture of SOMINA’s mining operations. Therefore, we feel there is a need to make some clarifications on certain points raised in the ROTAB report...SOMINA has complied with the Mining Agreement signed with the Niger Government and has fulfilled its obligations in the areas of environmental protection and social development. Sticking to the principle of minimising impacts of mining on the environment, SOMINA has taken active measures to reduce the production of solid, gas and liquid waste, protect employees’ health in the workplace, and monitor the environment in the mining zone and nearby areas to effectively prevent environmental pollution...

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This is a response from the following companies: Somina (joint venture of China National Nuclear Corp., Sopamin, ZXJoy Invest, Korea Resources Corp.)