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Responding department: Institutional Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Department

English-language answers translated from Sonatel's French original.

Does your company have a publicly available commitment to respect human rights?

No, however our Rules of Procedure, Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, Occupational Safety and Health Policy, as well as the working conditions specified in our contracts with suppliers and service providers, ensure that the company respects the fundamental rights of the people concerned.

How are human rights governed in your company?

By means of the Rules of Procedure and the Occupational Safety and Health Policy.

How are human rights managed within your company?

These issues are addressed by Human Resources Management (HRM)

What is the company’s approach to the engagement of stakeholders (including workers, and local communities impacted by the company’s activities), on human rights issues?

The company has taken a proactive approach to the engagement of stakeholders impacted by its activities through its Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) policy (institutionalised dialogue with the stakeholders).

Priority human rights issues: What are some of the priority human rights issues for your company?

The company selected the following from a check list:

  • Health (including environmental health, workplace health & safety)
  • Workplace diversity / non-discrimination
  • Forced labour and human trafficking (including in supply chains)
  • Operations in conflict zones
  • Housing
  • Freedom of association and trade union rights
  • Freedom of expression and/or right to privacy / digital rights
  • Relations with security forces
  • Transparency in payments to governments / responsible tax practices
  • Product Misuse
  • Women
  • Children (including child labour)

How are human rights commitments and information about how the company addresses its human rights impacts communicated, internally and externally?

Activity Report, CSR & Sustainable Development Report, commercial flyers about the risks of using the equipment marketed.

What provisions does your company have in place to ensure that grievances from workers and affected communities or individuals are heard, and can you provide examples of remedies provided?

Complaints are received by HRM, staff member representatives and trade union representatives, and internal solutions are generally found before taking matters to the Labour Inspectorate, which is an external state structure.

Which are the key one, two or three elements of your approach to human rights that been developed or amended since June 2011? Please indicate if these actions were in response to the UN Guiding Principles.

Our human resources documents on this issue are regularly updated within the context of the process established for our Quality Safety Environment (QSE) policy.