So. Africa: Inaugural Southern Africa Permanent People's Tribunal hears testimonies from communities affected by mining and extractive activities

Author: Alternative Information & Development Centre (South Africa), Published on: 11 October 2016

The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal held the hearing in Manzini, Swaziland, in the southern region of Africa, taking evidence from cases based in Swaziland (two cases), Zimbabwe (two cases), South Africa (four cases), Zambia (one case), and Mozambique (two cases)...jurors were presented with cases in which Brazilian (such as Vale), Indian (Jindal), Russian (DTZ-OZGEO), China (AFECC) and South African (Chancellor House), Australian (MRC) and Swiss(Glencore) companies are involved. [Objectives included] analyse a sample of cases covering different contexts of life and/or examples of government and/or corporate intervention in critical areas of the extractive industries and of land grabbing in Southern African countries, assess the coherence and reliability of a documentation collected by means of a highly participatory methodology with the communities included in the sample...Recommendations include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of the political, beside the socioeconomic, role of the transnational corporation in Southern African countries should be provided, with a focus on their country-specific relationship with the State Governments.
  • Detailed information must be collected to ascertain linkages between transnationals and state military and police, as well as to identify the areas of natural resources exploited by transnationals and how these relate to the establishment of foreign military bases…
  • Women’s inalienable rights are being undermined. The testimonies have alluded to and in some instances made direct reference also to sexual exploitation and the undermining of women’s ability to defend their bodily integrity.

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