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10 February 2020

So. Africa: Union accuses aviation company of attempting to unlawfully retrench employees

Author: Ernest Mabuza, Sunday Times (South Africa)

‘Unions vow to fight 'unlawful retrenchments' caused by SAA route closures’ 7 February 2020...

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14 April 2015

So. Africa: Human rights country guide exposes business sector abuses

A country guide on business and human rights in South Africa has been produced by the South African Human Rights Commission together with the Danish Institute for Human Rights. The report seeks to raise awareness of the key human rights abuses...

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12 February 2014

Court rules in favour of Solidarity in SAAT [South African Airways Technical] discrimination case [So. Africa]

Author: Leandi Kolver, Engineering News (So. Africa)

The Labour Court in Johannesburg...ruled in favour of Solidarity in the union’s case against South African Airways Technical (SAAT) concerning racial discrimination, after a settlement had been reached between Solidarity and SAAT...Solidarity said, at...

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5 July 2013

Case profile: South African Airways lawsuit (re HIV discrimination)

Author: Business & Human Rights Resource Centre

[Business & Human Rights Resource Centre case profile for lawsuit against South African Airways over alleged unconstitutional employment practices. The plaintiff had been refused employment as an airline cabin attendant after compulsory medical...

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30 January 2013

More SA companies commit to UN Global Compact

Author: Natalie Greve, Engineering News [So. Africa]

Twelve South African companies had voluntarily committed to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), in the 2013 financial year to date, the National Business Initiative (NBI) said…The twelve signatories were Transnet, Allegiance Air, Oceana Group,...

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5 January 2009

Nigeria: HIV And Employability

Author: Kingsley Obom-Egbulem, behavioural change and communications expert, IDEA WORKS [Nigeria]

…These days, employers…require more than just what their job advertisement says: obnoxious policy of testing applicants for HIV. That was the situation Dunni Adesegun…faced…when she applied to work as accountant with a prominent oil company...

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12 March 2008

SAA: 'This is completely unacceptable'

Author: Barry Bateman, Latoya Newman, Sapa, Independent Online [So. Africa]

SAA [South African Airways] has been branded a human rights violator for failing to provide adequate boarding equipment for disabled passengers at airports. The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) revealed that disabled passengers were transported to...

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5 March 2007

[PDF] HIV/AIDS: Transport Workers Take Action

Author: International Transport Workers' Federation

Chapter 01: HIV/AIDS and the Transport Industry; Chapter 02: Understanding HIV/AIDS; Chapter 03: Trade Unions Take Action; Chapter 04: Workplace Policies and Collective Agreements...

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16 January 2007

'SA companies abroad need human-rights code of conduct'

Author: Mining Weekly [So. Africa]

South Africa's Department of Trade and Industry should consider drafting and implementing a human rights code of conduct for South African companies operating outside of the country, ANC National Executive Committee member and human rights champion...

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3 April 2002

World summit firm gets more donors, needs more cash

Author: Reuters

Organisers of a world development summit to be held in Johannesburg later this year said yesterday it had secured more money from local firms but still lacked a third of funds needed to meet its budget...State-owned firms Eskom, the South African Post...

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