South Africa's Fairtrade benefits need to be higher – and spread wider

Author: Zoe Wood, Guardian [UK], Published on: 14 February 2010

...[A]mong the 97 pupils [of Trawal primary school] are glimmers of hope, from shiny new schoolbags and shoes, to big smiles. The children, many the offspring of workers at the nearby Stellar Winery, are the first generation to feel the trickle-down of wealth synonymous with Fairtrade as UK consumers sip the organic sauvignon cabernet and shiraz made by their parents. The Fairtrade wine a good advert for what the South African government had hoped to achieve with its Black Economic Empowerment...initiatives...At Stellar, workers have a 26% stake in the lucrative cellar business as well as 50% of the less profitable farm that supplies the grapes. Children benefit as the Fairtrade premium the wines attract is invested in the school, with facilities such as a creche and computer equipment. [refers to to Sainsbury, Waitrose (part of John Lewis partnership), Karsten)]

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