South Pacific states intend to sue fossil fuel companies over contribution to climate change & resulting human rights impacts

Author: Natasha Geiling, Think Progress (USA), Published on: 8 June 2015

"Why these tiny island nations are planning to sue fossil fuel companies", 10 June 2015

...In the South Pacific, representatives from six...countries...took a stand against climate change. Under the People’s Declaration for Climate Justice, citizens from the nations of Vanuatu, Kiribati, Tuvalu, Fiji, the Solomon Islands, and the Philippines announced their intent to bring legal action against fossil fuel companies for their role in contributing to climate change...[Quotes from the declaration:] “We refuse to accept the ‘new normal’ and demand for climate justice by holding the big polluters and their respective governments to account for their contribution to the climate crisis...We are going to use the legal mechanism available to us in our courts, in your courts, and human rights bodies to hold you, the polluters, accountable for the human rights violations we are suffering..."...[A]ccording to David Hunter, director of the Program on International and Comparative Environmental Law at American University..."they are people that are suffering from actions that companies and others have been involved in,”...[Reseach by the Climate Accountability Institute found that] although there are thousands of oil and gas companies throughout the world, the majority of emissions can be traced back to a handful of participants — roughly two-thirds of industrial emissions come from just 90 entities, 50 of which were investor-owned companies.

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