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8 April 2009

OSHA Orders Southern Air to Withdraw Lawsuit and Pay $7.9 Million to Whistleblowers [USA]

Author: Laura Walter, EHS Today [USA]

OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Admin.] has ordered Southern Air…to withdraw a lawsuit it filed against nine former employees and pay them more than $7.9 million in wages, damages and legal fees…Southern Air filed a defamation lawsuit…after some...

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5 April 2006

Amnesty Intl. report gives details of private airlines & front companies allegedly involved in USA's practice of rendition - transferring people by means that bypass judicial & administrative due process, to countries where they are held in secret &...

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5 April 2006

full report: "United States of America - Below the radar: Secret flights to torture and ‘disappearance’" [see in particular section 2: Planes and airports – the support network for rendition flights]

Author: Amnesty International

CIA-front companies...The CIA rendition programme has relied on private planes contracted from companies listed as private air charter services. In some cases, these are CIA front companies that exist only on paper. [raises concerns about alleged...

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