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Remarks at OECD Investment Committee [PDF] by UN Special Representative John Ruggie, re revisions to OECD Guidelines, Paris, 4 Oct 2010


Letter to members of OECD's Export Credit Group [PDF] by Special Representative Ruggie re: questions from ECG members and OECD Secretariat about export credit agencies & human rights, 29 Sep 2010


“Engaging Export Credit Agencies in Respecting Human Rights” [PDF] - Remarks by Special Representative Ruggie to OECD Export Credit Group’s “Common Approaches” Meeting, 23 Jun 2010



Comment on UK National Contact Point for the OECD Guidelines decision regarding Afrimex [PDF], letter to editor of Financial Times by Special Representative Ruggie, 10 Sep 2008


Keynote Presentation to Annual Meeting of National Contact Points, Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) [DOC], by Special Representative Ruggie, 24 Jun 2008, Paris


Initial views on Special Representative John Ruggie's 2008 report to UN Human Rights Council [PDF], by Intl. Org. of Employers, Intl. Chamber of Commerce, Business & Industry Advisory Committee to OECD, May 2008


"Business and human rights: The role of business in weak governance zones" [PDF] - paper submitted to Special Representative Ruggie by Intl. Organization of Employers, Intl. Chamber of Commerce, and Business & Industry Advisory Committee (BIAC) to OECD, Dec 2006



Letter from Nicola Bonucci, Director of Legal Affairs, OECD, regarding reference to OECD Guidelines in the survey of Fortune Global 500 companies [PDF], 4 Oct 2006


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18 February 2020

Ghana: Gold expo calls on OECD certification of all small scale miners

Author: Abraham Mensah, Ghana Web

‘Small Scale miners need OECD certification in Ghana - Ghana Gold Expo’ 13 February 2020...

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11 February 2020
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Author: Tercera Información

“Un órgano interministerial reconoce vulneraciones de Derechos Humanos de ACS por su actuación en una hidroeléctrica en Guatemala”, 4 de febrero de 2020...

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7 October 2019

Nigeria: Aggah residents reach ground breaking agreement with Italian energy company ENI to mitigate flooding

Author: OECD Watch

‘eand Nigerian community reach historic agreement to mitigate chronic flooding of village’ 2 October 2019...

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21 April 2019

London Metal Exchange will only allow trading of responsibly sourced metals by 2022

The London Metal Exchange (LME) announced on 23 April 2019 that it will be introducing responsible sourcing standards across all brands, requiring all metals traded on the exchange to be responsibly sourced from 2022 onwards. This announcement came af...

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9 March 2019

Australia: OECD National Contact Point reforms include independent examiner & advisory board

The the Australian Treasury, prompted by civil society, announced major reforms concerning the National Contact Point (NCP) including a commitment to establish a new independent examiner to investigate complaints made against companies under the OECD...

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27 September 2010

[PDF] [Announcement regarding UN Special Representative consultations with business (Paris, Oct 5), governments (Geneva, Oct 6), civil society (Geneva, Oct 11-12)]

Author: UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for business and human rights

As announced in July 2010, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Representative for business and human rights is convening a round of consultations with business, states, and civil society organizations, to discuss the forthcoming “Guiding Principles for...

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