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Multi-stakeholder initiatives

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Consultation on multi-stakeholder initiatives (Nov 2007):

"Improving the human rights performance of business through multi-stakeholder initiatives" [PDF] - summary report of consultation, The Hague, Netherlands, 6-7 Nov 2007


Consultations on accountability & grievance mechanisms:

These consultations considered mechanisms that are part of multi-stakeholder initiatives, as well as other types of mechanisms.

Non-judicial grievance mechanisms as a means of access to remedy in the context of business and human rights:

- Access to Remedies for Corporate Human Rights Impacts: Improving Non-Judicial Mechanisms - Report of 20-21 Nov 2008 consultation [DOC]

- Online consultation forum on access to remedies:
     - Announcement & invitation to participate [PDF], Sep 2008
     - Direct link to forum

Corporations and Human Rights: Accountability Mechanisms for Resolving Complaints and Disputes:

- Report of second multi-stakeholder workshop [PDF], Kennedy School of Govt., Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass., USA, 19-20 Nov 2007

- Report of first multi-stakeholder workshop [PDF], Kennedy School of Govt., Harvard Univ., Cambridge, Mass., USA, 11-12 Apr 2007


Other relevant materials:

Note on ISO 26,000 Guidance Draft Document [PDF], UN Special Representative John Ruggie, Nov 2009

Message to Voluntary Principles on Security & Human Rights plenary [PDF] from Special Representative Ruggie, 16 Mar 2009 

"Human Rights and Socially Responsible Investment in North America: An Overview” [PDF], prepared by Elizabeth Umlas, PhD, Jan 2009

"Business & Human Rights in Conflict Zones: The Role of Home States" [PDF], Summary report of consultation in Berlin hosted by John Ruggie & Global Witness, 5 Nov 2007

"Voluntary initiatives – Helping the laggards join the race", Christine Bader, in Ethical Corporation, 17 Oct 2007

Intl. Council on Mining & Metals (ICMM) - 2 submissions:

"Revenue Sharing and Fiscal Management" [PDF] - Discussion paper prepared for UN Special Representative John Ruggie, Jul 2006

"Security of People and Assets" [PDF] - Discussion paper prepared for UN Special Representative John Ruggie, Jul 2006

Asia regional consultation in Bangkok, Thailand, 26-27 June 2006:

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New research critically examines multi-stakeholder governance & proposes process for its evaluation

Author: Harris Gleckman, Center for Governance and Sustainability, University of Massachusetts & Benchmark Environmental Consulting (USA)

"Multistakeholderism: a new way for corporations and their new partners to try to govern the world", Aug 2018...

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