Sr. Land Tenure Specialist – Land-Based Investment/Corporate Engagement



  • Location: Seattle, Washington or Washington DC
  • Contract Type: Regular, Full Time
  • Rolling application

Landesa is currently seeking candidates with significant expertise in the policy, legal and regulatory arena of land access and tenure security.  The ideal candidate will have a strong understanding of the smallholder and scale  agriculture, land formalization, expropriation, land use planning and land markets and the understanding of women’s land security and land access in relationship with land-based investments.   Familiarity with dispute resolution, grounded in grievances born of land formalization, expropriation, land grabs, failure to adhere to good/best practices regarding land governance, investment and gender disadvantage along with expertise in informal/customary land rights around the global south, and especially realities in Africa is required.  The candidate must have the ability to immediately design and manage small and large land-based investment projects with a convincing demeanor that stakeholders (corporations, national suppliers, NGOs, certification entities, international and bilateral donors (public and private), commodity roundtables, governments and communities can quickly trust their perspectives are understood and considered when Landesa recommends future courses of action affecting the various stakeholders.