Stakeholders demand higher compliance standards for corporate human rights performance

Author: Isobel O'Connell, National (UAE), Published on: 12 April 2016

"Why companies should talk about human rights", 7 Apr 2016

From garments to fresh produce, human rights abuses can exist in the supply chains of everyday products. While many global companies have stated their commitment to human rights, the development of codes of conduct and sustainable procurements policies are no longer enough. A wide range of stakeholders, including consumers, regulators and investors, are increasingly demanding disclosure of corporate human rights performance...The bar for corporate behaviour in the human rights arena is higher than ever. It is important for companies to identify their “salient" or “material" human rights issues, develop policies and report on progress in a credible way by providing context, acknowledging challenges and actively engaging their stakeholders...[Refers to Apple]

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