Study reveals low level of human rights performance disclosure in mining, energy & financial sectors

Author: Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) & Centro Vincular-PUCV, Published on: 4 January 2017

“Shining a light on human rights: corporate human rights performance disclosure in the mining, energy and financial sectors”, 7 December 2016

...The main objective of this study was to identify trends in corporate human rights performance disclosures in the mining and metals, energy and financial services sectors...This report…will benefit sustainability practitioners involved in both the management of human rights issues within their organizations, as well as in the reporting process. It will help identify strengths and weaknesses of current human rights disclosures and provide examples of good practice that could help organizations improve their own human rights reporting standards. This research is especially useful for governments who are in the process of creating National Action Plans…on Business and Human Rights, as it provides them with insights as to how and what companies disclose on human rights topics. It is also aimed at…civil society organizations, academia, investors and industry associations…A total of 464 reports in the three sectors were analysed… in order to determine reporting levels on specific human rights related topics and identify strengths and weaknesses…

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