Sudan, Partners Ready Darfur Oil Exploration Plan -Official

Author: Benoit Faucon, Dow Jones, Published on: 8 July 2008

State-linked Chinese oil services companies are in talks to help Sudan exploit its crude reserves in its troubled Darfur region with the Sudanese army providing security, a company official [with Ansan Wikfs, a partner of Sudapet] confirmed Tuesday... Denis Rey, Sudan's country manager at Ansan Wikfs...said the partners in Block 12A had considered using BGP, the geophysical services unit of state-owned China National Petroleum Corp... [P]artners [in the block] are also in talks with Zhongyuan Petroleum Exploration Bureau, owned by...Sinopec... Given "the vulnerable condition of civilians in Darfur as the conflict there continues," the beginning of seismic work on the block would warrant "serious scrutiny and concern," said Nina McMurry...[of the] Sudan Divestment Task Force. Oil revenues from the region would likely flow exclusively to Sudan's central government. "This revenue has largely been used to fund Sudan's military-backed atrocities," McMurry said. [also refers to PetroChina]

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