Sudan: Renault Trucks & MAN vehicles allegedly used by govt. backed Janjaweed to facilitate human rights abuses in Darfur, according to Intl. Peace Information Service brief

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23 October 2011

Renault stops assembling of its trucks in Sudan

Author: Sudan Tribune

French Renault Trucks said it has cancelled a contract with the Sudanese Giad Motor Company to assemble vehicles used by government troops in the counter-insurgency campaigns conducted in Darfur. Human rights and advocacy groups mentioned the use of Renault trucks by the Sudan Armed Forces and demanded to stop its cooperation with the government owned Giad industrial complex. GIAD Industrial City is one of 30 state-owned companies the US administration blocks its assets since May 2007 for their roles in fomenting violence and human rights abuses in Darfur. Stefano Chmielewski, President of Renault Trucks, [said that] three years ago he terminated a deal with Giad to assemble Renault trucks at its plants located near the Sudanese capital Khartoum. "We took this decision without any external pressures and we informed the Sudanese party about it," he further emphasised. [Also refers to MAN, Nissan, Toyota]

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Company response
20 October 2011

Renault Trucks response re alleged use of Renault Trucks cars to facilitate human rights abuses in Darfur

Author: Renault Trucks

As we are not delivering military parts or trucks we are not subject to...embargo...We tell...our customer that we are committed to comply with the regulations issued by the international community and that the vehicles supplied whatever their configuration...are civilian trucks only...In the report the word “Militarisable” is used as if it would be a proof that we know that the vehicles can be for sure used as military trucks. “Militarisable” doesn’t mean that it is “Militarisé”. Any vehicle...built as a civilian vehicle could transport at a point in its life passengers with arms, that doesn’t change it into a “military” trucks, if the structure, the equipment, the protection hasn’t been modified in view of such use. End users: We do not control the end use of our trucks. It doesn’t mean that we are uninterested in it. Which industry, which supplier can be sure of the use of their product: for example a truck sold to a farmer for transporting grain could carry bricks, by this farmer or by a second hand owner. We would like to know that our trucks are useful to society.

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1 September 2011

[PDF] “Véhicules civils militarisables” and the EU arms embargo on Sudan

Author: Intl. Peace Information Service

Since MAN has learned about the military use of their dual-use equipment in Darfur, the company has decided to halt all business with its Sudanese partners as a formal company policy. Consequently no more business transactions have taken place with GIAD after the April 2007 delivery of 790 L90/M2000 trucks...This paper casts serious doubts on the continuing export of European trucks to Sudan, where there are documented cases of their being used to facilitate gross abuses of human rights. This brief clearly documents that completely knocked down truck assembly kits...which were delivered by MAN and Renault to GIAD [Industrial Complex], have been observed in the Darfur region in militarised form...This paper demonstrates that Renault and MAN could and, indeed, should have been aware of the serious risk that their material would have been used in the Darfur conflict...Renault also admitted subsequently that they are aware that their products are being used for waging war in Sudan.

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