Sudanese refugees file lawsuit in US court against BNP Paribas over alleged complicity in Darfur genocide


On 2 May 2016, Sudanese refugees filed a complaint in a United States federal court against BNP Paribas over the bank's alleged complicity in the Darfur genocide. The complaint alleges the bank supplied funds that the Sudanese government used to purchase tanks, bombs, ammunition and other military hardware. Pro-government militia then used these weapons to kill and injure thousands of Darfuris.

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3 May 2016

Refugees Blame BNP Paribas for Genocide

Author: Adam Klasfeld, Courthouse News (USA)

Two years after BNP Paribas paid nearly $9 billion for dealing with "rogue nations," Sudanese refugees filed a federal class action calling the bank complicit in their government's persecution...Lead plaintiff Entesar Osman Kashef says that BNP helped finance the Janjaweed militia that killed her entire family, burned her house, and stole all her property...Kashef and 15 plaintiffs claim to represent hundreds persecuted by Sudanese human-rights violators who used BNP's services..."Specifically, aided and abetted by BNPP, Sudan was able purchase bombs, tanks, helicopters, automatic rifles, ammunition, and other military hardware with profits from the export of oil — purchases the GOS could not have made without the funds it received as a result of BNPP's unlawful conduct — and then arm its troops and proxy militia with those weapons so that they...caused the violent death and injury of thousands of Darfuris and citizens of central and south Sudan."...BNP's press office declined to comment on the lawsuit...

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2 May 2016

Complaint - Kashef v. BNP Paribas North America Inc.

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