Summer course on "Business and human rights"

Author: Human Rights and Business Academy & Indian Law Institute Delhi (ILI) (India), Published on: 20 June 2016

The Human Rights and Business Academy (HURBA) in collaboration with the Indian Law Institute Delhi (ILI) will organise an intensive summer course on “business and human rights” (BHR) from 20 June to 2 July 2016. This inaugural course will be held at the ILI in New Delhi... HURBA seeks to build capacity of diverse stakeholders – especially of marginalised, disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of society – to respond effectively with challenges that arise with the intersection of human rights with business. HURBA will collaborate with likeminded institutions and organisations in all parts of the world to offer short transformative courses and conduct victim-oriented research on BHR issues.

Target audience

This BHR course should be of interest to (i) law/business/management students having an interest in BHR or corporate social responsibility (CSR); and (ii) civil society representatives, business executives, policy makers, and government officials aspiring to learn more about international and comparative developments in the fields of BHR and CSR...

Course aims

The course aims to expose law/business/management students, civil society representatives, policy makers, corporate executives and government officials to international and comparative perspectives in the field of BHR...


Course Coordinator: Prof Surya Deva ([email protected])

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