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9 March 2016

Shareholder resolutions increase pressure on companies to address climate change

Author: Benjamin Hulac, Environment & Energy Publishing (E&E) (USA)

"Spurred by Paris, shareholder climate resolutions reach new high", 9 Mar 2016...

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29 July 2016

Philippines: World’s largest carbon producers ordered to respond to complaint alleging human rights abuses from climate change

In September 2015, civil society groups and typhoon survivors brought a complaint before the Commission of Human Rights of the Philippines calling for an investigation into the responsibility of big fossil fuel companies for fuelling climate change...

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1 August 2016
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11 October 2016

Fossil fuel firms respond to petition before Philippines Human Rights Commission on human rights & climate impacts

Greenpeace, disaster survivors, and community organisations from the Philippines submitted a complaint to the Commission on Human Rights of the Philippines (CHR) against 47 large fossil fuel and cement companies over their role in "human-induced...

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3 November 2016

Renewable energy & human rights: Outreach to 50 companies

Company Response Platform | Briefing | Press Release Also see case studies & our previous outreach

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8 December 2016

Press release by Greenpeace Philippines

Author: Greenpeace Philippines

"First national human rights investigation into climate change impacts proceeds despite opposition from fossil fuel companies," 8 Dec 2016...

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14 December 2016

Overview of company responses to Philippines climate change & human rights petition

Author: Ping Manongdo, Eco-Business

“Landmark human rights case against world’s biggest fossil fuel firms pushes on”, 13 December 2016...

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15 January 2017

USA: Colorado Springs faces lingering air pollution problems due to sulfur dioxide pollution from central coal-fired power plant

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13 March 2017

Canadian companies featured in new human rights benchmark question its findings

Author: Barbara Shecter, Financial Post (Canada)

"Four Canadian companies on new global ranking for human rights but firms question its findings", 13 Mar 2017...

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15 March 2017

Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Key Findings Report 2017

Author: Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Limited (CHRB Ltd)

The Corporate Human Rights Benchmark Key Findings Report was released 13 Mar 17....

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