Survivors & families of victims of 2016 bomb attack on Canadian embassy in Kabul sue Govt. & security firm

Author: Murray Brewster, CBC News (Canada), Published on: 17 July 2018

"Security firm named in lawsuit against Ottawa once accused of recruiting ex-child soldiers", 21 June 2018

Sabre International Security, the company now at the centre of a lawsuit against the federal government, was accused of recruiting former child soldiers in Africa two months before a suicide bomber killed more than a dozen of its employees outside of the Canadian embassy in Kabul...It raises even more questions about what Global Affairs Canada and Public Services and Procurement Canada knew about the company's operations before hiring it to protect the Canadian embassy in Afghanistan's capital — and how closely it was monitored afterwards.  The private security company was awarded the high-risk contract of guarding the embassy in the spring of 2013.  It continued to be employed...until a suicide bombing killed 13 former Nepalese Gurkhas and two Indian support workers two years ago.  The widows and survivors from that horrific attack filed a $20 million lawsuit Tuesday against the Canadian government alleging negligence...The lawyer representing the families in the Kabul lawsuit said the new information raises serious questions about whether the federal government should have chosen Sabre...Sabre representatives could not be reached for comment...What makes that significant for the Liberal government is that Canada is a signatory to the Montreux Document, which sets out practices, standards and obligations for nations that hire private security contractors...

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