Sustainable Sugarcane Forum: how companies can deliver

1-2 December | London

Created in partnership with Bonsucro, this forum is designed for all stakeholders in the sugar value chain to discuss the commercial opportunities of implementing sustainability and ethical initiatives, and the practicalities of how to do so.

The forum will be run in conjunction with the 4th annual Bonsucro week and offers the opportunity for a diverse group of stakeholders to discuss and debate the key issues and challenges facing the industry, through an interactive, engaging and practical format. 

The forum will provide you with:

  • A holistic view of the state of the sugar industry, and the actions needed the drive sustainable, positive progress
  • Insight into the impact of the European sugar quota for both producers and brands
  • Clear guidelines around how companies can develop and implement sustainable sugar strategies throughout supply chains

A combination of practical working groups and interactive plenary sessions will get to the core of issues such as:

  • Transparency and traceability: understand your value chain through mapping to analyse where the risks and opportunities are
  • Human rights: implement programmes for continuous improvement, remove human rights risks and infringements on land rights, and eliminate child and forced labour
  • Smallholder farmers: understand the best practices that improve productivity and yield, and benefit the livelihoods of smallholders
  • Environmental pressures: information on proactively preparing sugar production for future and issues such as loss of biodiversity, climate change and water scarcity
  • Biofuels and ethonol: Insight into the increase in demand and what this means for sustainability in the industry

Conference objectives
• To provide a forum debating risk, opportunity and sustainability for sugar supply
• To analyse the latest trends, campaigns and what business is currently doing to make sugarcane production and supply chains more sustainable
• To showcase and debate current best practices in confronting key issues from supply chains
• To highlight the partnerships and investment opportunities that help deliver best practice
• To raise awareness of the opportunities and efficiencies created by sustainability engagement

Event audience and size
250 managers, directors, heads of department, and other senior professionals representing various stakeholders in the sugar value chain will attend. They’ll be joined by key NGOs, government officials, and multi-stakeholder initiatives. The agenda encompasses sugarcane supply chains, and the event is targeted at sugar farmers, processors, traders as well as FMCGs, retailers, chemical and biofuel industry representatives.

Style and language
This is a non-powerpoint event focused on debate, discussion and dialogue. The primary language will be English, with simultaneous translation between English, Spanish and Portuguese. Additional languages will be considered upon request.

Sponsors of the event 
We are currently looking for a small number of sponsors to work with, to push forward progressive discussion around sustainable sugar. For more information, get in touch on the details below. 

Bonsucro week
Ahead of the two-day conference, Bonsucro are organising a range of activities for members only as part of the broader Bonsucro week.

Details of the week's activities can be found here.