Swaziland Govt. bans trade unions

Author: IndustriALL, Published on: 24 October 2014

Swazi Minister of Labour and Social Security, Winnie Magagula, has announced a Cabinet resolution deciding that, pending legal reforms, all federations should stop operating immediately. All trade union and employer federations will be effectively banned, a clear violation of ILO Convention 87, ratified by Swaziland, guaranteeing freedom of association for workers and employers...IndustriALL Global Union general secretary Jyrki Raina says: “This decision also goes against the decision of the Industrial Court, which recognized that TUCOSWA could operate in terms of its own constitution. “We urge you to revoke the decision to dissolve TUCOSWA and ATUSWA and to start engaging in a genuine dialogue with unions about legislative reforms that will ensure that workers’ rights are respected in line with Swaziland’s international obligations without any further delay.” 

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