Sweden: Wind power project impact indigenous people in Jämtland



 Country: Sweden

Project name: Several wind power projects in Jämtland, Sweden


Capacity: See here for capacities of each project.

Companies involved: Statkraft, SVA

Positive Steps:

Statkraft is engaged in building several wind farms in Sweden, including one in Jämtland, which impacts the traditional lands of the indigenous reindeer-herding collective of Jijnjevaerie Saami village.

On October 2012, the Jijnjevaerie Saami village submitted a complaint to the Swedish and Norwegian National Contact Points for the OECD Guidelines concerning Statkraft’s planned wind power project. The NCPs accepted the complaint and reviewed parts of the case. They found no grounds for non-compliance to the OECD Guidelines, but provided recommendations for how Statkraft can work in a manner that promotes indigenous people’s rights. NCPs recommended that parties show a renewed will to negotiate on the further development of wind power projects, the scope of the projects, and the compensation schemes.

Statkraft welcomed the decision by the NCPs and noted that they will consider the final statement concerning engagement with the Saami Village.

Further information: OECDWatch