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27 January 2012

To Protect Human Rights, Companies Must Pull Out of Iran

Author: Mark D. Wallace and Irwin Cotler, United Against Nuclear Iran in NJToday.net [USA]

[T]he United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on human rights, Ahmed Shaheed...documented Iran’s brutal record of persecuting religious and ethnic minorities within its borders...and decried Iran’s “dramatic” increase in executions...Iran has an abysmal...

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3 December 2011

Home demolitions in Beit Hanina executed with Volvo and Hyundai equipment [Israel & the Occupied Territories]

Author: Adri Nieuwhof, Electronic Intifada

On 24 November, Israeli forces protected the Volvo and Hyundai equipment that was used to demolish three homes in Beit Hanina, occupied East Jerusalem...The destructive action left twenty people homeless, including six children....The impact of home...

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8 August 2011

Crane Manufacturer, UNIC, Ends Business With Iran Following Awareness Campaign

Author: Reut Cohen, Neon Tommy, USC Annenburg School for Communication and Journalism [USA]

Japanese crane manufacturer Furukawa UNIC has announced it has ended business with the Iranian regime following reports that its cranes have been used to stage public executions. The decision comes on the heels of two other companies, Tadano and Terex,...

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