Taiwan: China Airlines allegedly suspends employees for union activities

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27 January 2015

CAL accused of trying to suppress union activities

Author: Lii Wen, Taipei Times

China Airlines…faced accusations that it is trying to suppress union activities after four employees were suspended from flight duties for a month and told to attend “anger-management courses” as a result of their actions during a demonstration…Labor unions said the suspensions clearly violate employees’ rights to participate in collective bargaining and they vowed to appeal the case to labor authorities. About 1,000 airline employees and their supporters took part in the demonstration outside the company’s office…to protest the size of their year-end bonuses and what they called “sweatshop-like” labor conditions…The four employees…suspended are union representatives from the…China Airlines Employees’ Union, who spoke onstage during…[the] protest...

A China Airlines spokesperson said the four union representatives would be removed from flight duties for at least one month because their behavior at the protest did not reflect the professional conduct expected of flight attendants. The company also said the quartet’s “emotional behavior” showed they needed to attend anger-management courses because their behavior could affect the quality of service provided to passengers or threaten flight securit. The four will continue to receive their monthly salaries and the minimum stipulated 60 hours of flight bonuses, the company said. However…the four could lose between NT$7,000 and NT$10,000 from a month-long suspension…

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Author: 汪淑芬,中央社



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Author: 汪淑芬,中央社


華航說…激烈行為、浮動情緒及鼓譟行徑,完全不符合空勤組員所需耐心​​、冷靜、守紀律的專業訓練。 …如果組員情緒浮動,在封閉的客艙內執行服務作業時,將影響同機組員的工作氛圍與情緒…為避免旅客對華航服務品質不信任,華航決定暫停數位組員飛航勤務,並要求回到公司上課,以加強嚴格專業訓練…華航仍會發給組員底薪外加保障60小時的飛行獎金,至於會停飛多久,華航說至少一個月。華航並未說明暫停飛航勤務組員人數,桃園產業工會說有4位,華航工會則接獲1名遭停勤務的組員投訴。

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