Tanzania commits to adopt a National Action Plan on business & human rights

Author: Ministry of Constitutional & Legal Affairs (Tanzania), Published on: 31 July 2014

 "United Republic of Tanzania Human Rights Action Plan 2013-2017"

Tanzania’s wealth of natural resources has attracted significant foreign industry and investment. While the presence of foreign and transnational corporations has been positive for the economy, it has also affected the human rights of local communities. There have been complaints that land belonging to local or pastoral communities has been taken for use by foreign investors, and the environmental impact assessments of mining and industrial sites on surrounding communities are often inadequately monitored and not fully complied with. [The National Action Plan secretariat] proposes to] implement research activities to establish issues in human rights and business in the Tanzanian context and use results for human rights education...[c]onduct training on human rights, trade, and business for various stakeholders [and establish] a Plan of Action that promotes meaningful participation and consensus of all stakeholders. [It also proposes the development of] formal mechanisms to ensure compliance with human rights obligations, provide information to companies about their obligations, ensure companies make public statements about their human rights plans, and undertake periodic reviews to promote accountability.


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