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1 December 2009

[PDF] Biofuels, land access and rural livelihoods in Tanzania

Author: Emmanuel Sulle and Fred Nelson, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Growing demand for biofuels is being driven by recent high oil prices, energy security concerns, and global climate change…The potential impact of biofuel production on the price of food crops in Tanzania is already a major concern. Most important for...

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1 February 2005

Public-private partnerships 'have failed Africa's poor', especially in water & electricity provision

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1 February 2005

Working Together: Assessing Public-Private Partnerships in Africa

Author: Peter Farlam, South African Institute of International Affairs

...the record of PPPs [public-private partnerships] in Africa over the last 15 years is mixed, the process is complex, and governments should not expect PPPs to be a ‘magic bullet’... The involvement of the private sector in providing water, sanitation...

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