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Responder: 2016 Gulf Construction Survey

Non-responder: 2018 Gulf Construction Survey

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Company non-response
7 April 2020

TAV Construction re migrant worker welfare in Qatar & the UAE during the Covid-19 outbreak

Author: TAV Construction

TAV Construction replied that with the situation changing so rapidly they decided not to respond to our survey.

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Survey non-response
27 June 2019

TAV Construction's non-response: Migrant Workers in UAE (2018 survey)

We invited TAV Construction to respond to our 2018 survey on the welfare of their migrant workers on projects in UAE; TAV Construction did not respond. The results of the survey were published in our briefing On Shaky Ground: Migrant Workers Rights in...

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Survey response
25 October 2016

TAV Construction responded to 2016 construction survey on migrant worker rights in UAE

We invited TAV Construction to respond to a set of questions on its policies and procedures for the welfare and working conditions of migrant construction workers in the UAE. TAV Construction responded....

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